IMG_0210Work from HOME!
Health Of Mind Enhanced is Newport’s first health conscious coworking space.


Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide a mentally, physically and spiritually enhanced work environment for entrepreneurs, student and professionals who work from home.

Our vision:
We envision motivated people happily working together in this beautiful environment we call HOME. HOME is a place we dreams are manifested, companies are borne, connections are made and work gets done. We plan to host weekly workshops entrepreneurship, website design, advising, ext…..

The work space:
Your neighborhood coffee shop meets office meets gym! HOME is an art gallery transformed into a shared office space providing a vibrant, inspiring work environment where the body and and spirit are not left out. The bike desk, standing desks and alternative seats promote movement, balance and good posture while working. The quite, open atmosphere, beautiful artwork, living plants, non-florescent lighting and fresh air flow allow for a more focused and efficient work experience.

The Lounge:
HOME is a silent work space but we provide a separate lounge for chatting, connecting, eating and group meetings. In this space there is a comfortable couch, a table with chairs, a mini fridge, toaster oven, coffee pot, tea kettle, white board and community bulletin board. We also provide FREE spring water, tea, coffee and snacks!

The Equipment:
We offer a variety of comfortable work stations such as bike desks, standing desks, exercise ball chairs, kneeling chairs and couches.

Office amenities:
Home also provides high speed internet, a printer, and basic office supplies.

How it works:
Members pay by the month for unlimited access to HOME. Each member will have their own key code to unlock the door. There will be no staff on duty but security cameras are closely monitored for your security.

The space can be used Monday through Friday 7am to 11pm and most weekends 8am to 10pm.

Try one day for free with a 7 day no-risk money back refund for memberships.